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Our Habitats & Wildlife

In the uplands, a combination of geology, human influence and high rainfall has produced waterlogged, acidic, infertile soil – resulting in peat blanket bogs and wet heathland. The unique plants that grow on blanket bogs depend on the uplands’ waterlogged conditions for their survival. So any changes in the water level due to drainage, water [read more]

About The South Pennines

The South Pennines is a wild, wonderful and occasionally wuthering landscape at the place where the traditional counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire collide. It is a “dramatic and distinct upland landscape” (Heritage Strategy) that “stands prominently above” the encircling urban centres of Greater Manchester, the Lancashire valleys and West Yorkshire. In the recently updated National [read more]

Our Geology

The South Pennines form part of the Pennine ‘backbone’ of England. This narrow range of hills, over 2,000 feet at the highest point, stretches 250 miles from the Peak District of Derbyshire to the Scottish border. Millions of years ago, when river deltas covered this part of Britain, grit, sand and silt were washed down [read more]