This route is based in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, starting in the traditional rural town of Grassington and taking you to the lovely village of Kettlewell.

The route at a glance

  • Distance: 13.5miles/21km
  • Approx Time: 2 hours
  • Climb: 230m
  • Start and finish: Wood Lane, Grassington
  • Parking: Grassington
  • Difficulty: Moderate (21km route)

Must see

Kettlewell represented the village of Knapely in the 2003 film, Calendar Girls. It has a lovely stone arch bridge (pictured).

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Segment Distance into route Segment length
Grassington To Kettlewell 0.1 km (0.1 miles) 10 km (6.2 miles)
Grass Wood Ln Climb 0.9 km (0.6 miles) 0.9 km (0.6 miles)
Cafe Dash 14 km (8.7 miles) 1.3 km (0.8 miles)
Hill into Grassington 21 km (13 miles) 0.4 km (0.2 miles)
Grassington-Kettlewell backroad 0 km (0 miles) 9.8 km (6.1 miles)
Kick before Long Ashes 18 km (11 miles) 0.7 km (0.4 miles)
Cafe to Ashes 14 km (8.7 miles) 3.4 km (2.1 miles)
Grass – Thresh via Kettlewell 0.1 km (0.1 miles) 20 km (12 miles)
Kettlewell – Threshfield 10 km (6.4 miles) 9.5 km (5.9 miles)
DTS to Kettlewell Maypole 0 km (0 miles) 9.9 km (6.1 miles)
climb out of kettlewell 10 km (6.4 miles) 0.5 km (0.3 miles)
Last Drag before Netherside Hall 18 km (11 miles) 0.4 km (0.3 miles)
Kettlewell backroad 0.5 km (0.3 miles) 9.4 km (5.8 miles)
Pig Hill 7.3 km (4.5 miles) 0.2 km (0.1 miles)
the last mile 19 km (12 miles) 1.6 km (1 miles)
Kettlewell to wharfedale campsite 10 km (6.4 miles) 8.1 km (5.1 miles)
Grassington t’ Conistone 0.2 km (0.1 miles) 4.5 km (2.8 miles)
climb out of kettlewell 10 km (6.5 miles) 0.7 km (0.4 miles)
PAJ Speedway 11 km (6.9 miles) 2.8 km (1.8 miles)
Escaping Kettlewell 11 km (7 miles) 1.6 km (1 miles)
Pig Hill Long 7.2 km (4.5 miles) 0.7 km (0.5 miles)

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Route points

Ride out of Grassington on Wood Lane, cycling past the Cricket Club on your left. Stay on this lane for 5km until you reach Conistone.

In Conistone, keep right of the village triangle and head north for 5 km until you reach Kettlewell.

When you get to Kettlewell you can ride around the village by taking the first right and then left at the Post Office, which brings you to the centre of the village. Turn left over the bridge and head out of the village on the B6160.

Stay on this road for 9km until you reach Threshfield (you will pass a garage on your right hand side). Turn left here onto B6265/Station Road.

Stay on this road for 2km until you reach the centre of Grassington.

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