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This is me, this is where I come from, this is where I am

This is a holding page for a new project. Well, not really a new project. This is something we have run many times before but in several guises. Whatever way we have approached it, then it has always followed the principle of the strap line above (although sometimes "we" replaces "I").

Not much remains of the very first People and Place exhibition back in 2002 but this Video gives and impression. Recently children in Teesside and Africa shared the People and Place experience and this can be found here.

We have used many methods to encourage cultural exchanges or "e-twinning" such as our "Blogcast Day" or perhaps the most famous being the "Community Challenge". You can read all about that here.

You may enjoy this film, the making of which involved transnational actors and on the screening night we had a hook up between Latvian and British children and police. We even made it onto Latvian National TV !

Now we're embarking on an ambitious People and Place project which can be found at

For more information contact:
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